Nursing Interviews

No amount of research into a career field is complete without talking to people in the field and learning from them the ins and outs of their job. Nursing is no exception, with the many paths you can take within the profession. In our interview section, we take a look at a cross-section of nurses, in hopes that this will help interested prospective nurses see the different options available, get a close look at a day-in-the-life of a nurse, and find out if they have what it takes for this career.

Pediatric Emergency RN/BSN

Tabitha is a Pediatric RN/BSN in a Pediatric Hospital Emergency Room in a major U.S. city. She earned her BSN as an undergrad and has been able to take on a leadership role and lead change initiatives in her hospital with this degree. She has no desire to leave bedside nursing and loves that nursing has allowed her the flexibility to raise a family and also to care for ailing family members with its flexibility and supportive coworkers. Throughout her 19-year career she has been able to travel, perform medical mission work in Mexico and continue learning and growing as a nurse.

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Interview with a BSN/MSN/FNP

Kim works as a nurse in a clinic as well as in a hospital, with her schedule entailing one week in the hospital and three weeks in the clinic each month. She appreciates the fast pace of the hospital work and the stability of the clinic work, so to her, she gets the best of both worlds and is never bored. She is another student nurse, currently earning her Acute FNP Post Master’s Certificate so she can continue to provide the level of care she has been providing since her state boards have changed their regulations.

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Interview with an ER BSN/RN

Sarah is a nurse in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, in an extremely busy Level 1 Trauma Emergency Department. Once she earned her RN she hit the ground running, starting work and her BSN program simultaneously. While she claims that was the hardest year of her life, she also went back for more and is a current APRN student. This year finds her traveling to Haiti on a medical mission, with her job supporting her time off and her contributions to global healthcare. She recommends finding a hospital that will set you up as a new nurse with solid mentorship so you can add on to what you learned in school and for your clinicals for what you need on the job.

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