About BSN Education

BSN Education was founded to educate and inspire those who are in, or who want to be in, the healthcare field to pursue a career in nursing. We provide resources for new nurses, scholarship ideas for students, interviews with nurses in a variety of roles and more to let potential nurses know what to expect and what to look forward to as they enter the field of nursing.

What We Do

At BSN Education, our primary goal is to make sure there are the most highly educated RNs out there. In nursing today, employers and healthcare organizations want the same thing. In fact, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report recommending that at least 80% of nurses have a BSN by 2020. That number was intended to direct nurses to see nursing and healthcare more globally, and to widen their scope of practice from the bedside to the board room. By explaining the BSN process, and providing resources to those nurses who wish to earn a BSN, we hope to contribute to the increase in nurses holding a BSN through 2020 and beyond.


Sarah Briggs

Sarah is an ER nurse, pursuing her Acute FNP. Currently working for the newest Trauma 1 hospital and the busiest ER in her state, Sarah also finds time for hiking, traveling and will also perform medical mission work this year in Haiti.

Kim Gilbert

Kim is an FNP, working toward her Acute FNP with a Post-Masters Certificate. A 19-year veteran of nursing, Kim also holds a BSN, and spends one week a month in the hospital, and three weeks a month in the clinic, giving her flexibility and a variety of work.

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